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MSI President Jack Pachuta offers this perspective on leadership:

Are you a leader? I’m not referring to whether or not your official title within the organization identifies you as a leader. Leadership is determined by the perspectives of other people, not by what’s printed on a business card.

A rule of thumb: Leaders are not appointed, they “emerge.” Leaders are the individuals whose thoughts and words are regarded as credible and accurate. They might or might not by the “official” leaders groups, but by words and actions, they lead people.
Successful organizations understand that leadership is more than just
longevity and credentials listed on a resume. It is the ability to work with others to get the job done. In that respect, many of the best leaders in your organizations are probably line workers. They are the people whom others turn to get opinions about the thoughts and actions of the executive and managerial staff.

What should an organization do to maximize the impact of these leaders within the organizational structure?

Identify them and recognize that they have an impact on the organization, then use their talents to make the entire organization. They can provide you with insights that you will not find at the managerial level and above.

Seek out their opinions and keep them informed of what’s happening.
They can serve as vital communication channels for your initiatives and long-term plans. They can help you pave the way for change and organizational renewal.

Jack Pachuta’s seminar, ‘How to Manage Change While Building an
Effective Team,’ examines various aspects of leadership. The program
description is at http://www.cultural-analysis.com/pachuta_seminar2.htm.

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Cedarburg, WI 53012
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